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343 Sansome Street

  Security Access

The building operates on a proximity access system.  During non-building hours, the building and garage are secured and can only be accessed by pre-programmed key fobs.  Key fobs will be given at no cost for each employee in your organization upon your move into the building.  Subsequently, additional fobs can be issued for a cost.  Please check with the Building Management Office for the current cost per fob.

Readers are placed at the entrances to the building on Sansome Street and at the loading dock.  Pass your fob closely in front of the card reader.  If your fob does not grant you access, contact the Building Management Office.  The passenger elevators have readers mounted inside.  After hours, you must pass your card in front of the reader and then select your floor.  Fobs are programmed to allow you access to your floor, as well as to the 15th floor roof garden.  To access the garage, use the elevator marked for the garage level and pass your fob closely in front of the reader and select the garage level you parked on.

In order to obtain a key Fob, submit a request through the building's online work request system.

For security reasons it is important that the data in the access system be as accurate as possible.  Please notify the Building Management Office when employees leave your organization so we can deactivate their access.  You can request a report of your company’s access at any time to ensure it is up to date.

If you plan to give the fob to another employee, please notify the Building Management Office.

We recommend that you review your company’s list at least twice per year to ensure it is current.

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