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343 Sansome Street

  Recycling Program


Over 90% of the waste from office buildings can be recycled or reused. White and mixed paper makes up about 60% of our total waste. There are also many other recyclable materials including newspapers, cardboard, glass, metal, plastic, and more.

Recycling is less expensive than garbage service in office buildings. Therefore the more items we recycle the less garbage collection we will need, thereby reducing operating costs.


Disposing of Recyclables

Tenants will be supplied with blue recycle bins for each desk/workstation. This bin will not have a liner and can then be used for recyclable items only.

All recycling bins may be filled with mixed recyclables, including: loose newspaper, white paper, colored paper, computer paper, magazines, junk mail, aluminum cans, tin cans, glass bottles and jars, plastic soft drink bottles, milk and water containers, and colored plastic, like those used for liquid soaps. Be sure to rinse all containers!

The janitors will empty the bins each night and place the recyclables in the compactor on the Loading Dock.


Please remember food and other "wet wastes" contaminates dry recyclable waste: If the bin is contaminated the janitor will not empty it and will leave a note letting you know why it was not emptied and what your next steps should be.


Boxes must be flattened and left in a conspicuous place in your suite and clearly marked as trash so that janitors can pick these up and bring them to the compactor on the Loading Dock. Do not put cardboard boxes or any other trash in hallways.

Orange "Trash/Basura" stickers are available in the Building Management Office for tenant use upon request. Shipping and packing materials must be removed and boxes must be breakdown and flatten in order to be removed.


The Building Management Office will supply each tenant with composting bins for each tenant kitchen. All food items along with paper products such as paper plates and cups, tea bags and coffee grounds are acceptable as compost.


Batteries can be recycled by bringing them to the Building Management Office in Suite 175.


It is illegal to throw out computer monitors, keyboards, printers and toner with general garbage. Therefore, we do not allow these items to be thrown out with our office refuse. Monitors contain contaminants and heavy metals that are environmentally detrimental. Many old monitors and computers can be recycled.

Please contact eWaste Direct by email: ewastedirect3@gmail.com or call 855-439-2783 to schedule a pickup of your electronic waste and toner cartridges. eWaste Direct is a building approved vendor and their Certificate of Insurance is on file with the building office. Click here to see the flyer. Click here for more information.

Property Removal

A Property Removal Pass must be completed prior to any items being removed. Click here for the form. Please also be reminded that items that cannot be hand-carried or any bulk removal of items must be scheduled for pick up after hours;

Monday – Friday before 7:00am or after 6:00pm.
Saturday and Sunday – no restrictions



Office furniture may not be disposed of with regular building trash. Each tenant is responsible for the removal and disposal of its old office furniture. The best way to dispose of quantities of old furniture is to either donate it to a charity with pick-up service, or to find a furniture liquidator. RecycleMyJunk provides environmentally friendly service to many tenants in the building. You can find more information about them at www.recyclemyjunk.com. There is typically a charge necessary to cover dump fees and transport of the items.

Office Supplies

Gently used office supplies can be donated to HealthRight360. Call (415) 792-3700 or visit www.healthright360.org.


Thank you for helping to contribute to the betterment of our environment by participating in our recycling program. 343 Sansome Street is dedicated to the best possible management of our buildings and to offering tenants resources and opportunities to help minimize inconvenience and to maximize the benefits to your respective businesses and the community.

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