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343 Sansome Street

  On-Site Amenities

On-site Management

Professional Onsite Management is offered by CBRE, Inc.

Management Office Hours M-F, 8:00am - 5:00pm Phone: (415) 434-0343

Recycling & Composting & E-Waste & Battery Disposal

Tenants are encouraged to recycle all plastics, glass, paper and compost materials. For a detailed list of recyclables visit www.sfrecycling.com and click on Recycling Programs.  If you need recycling containers please contact the Building Management Office. Bring your dead batteries to the management office and we will dispose of them properly for you.

Bike Room

A secure tenant only bike room is located on LL2 and is open for daily use. A building fob is required to enter the room and you will need to request bike room access to be added to your key fob. Please ask your office administrator so they can put a request into the building work order system for you. *Please note that the bike room is for daily use only and bikes may not be stored overnight

Bike Racks

Complimentary bike racks are available for tenants and are located on Lower Level 2 of the parking garage.


343 Sansome Street has security personnel on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Security may be contacted by calling (415) 730-2809.

Tenant Events & Entertainment

343 hosts several Annual Events including Environmental Awareness Events, Summer Ice Cream Social, Tenant Holiday Breakfast, Charity Events for Family House, and more.

Direct TV

343 Sansome is cable ready for Direct TV.  Please contact the Building Management Office for more information.

Internet Services

Webpass, (415) 233-4100 and AT&T

Roof Garden

343 Sansome Street’s roof garden is available for private tenant events. All events must be approved by Building Management, and a license agreement must be signed prior to scheduling the event. A small fee is charged for private events. Please call the Building Management Office for most current rates. Private events can only be held after hours, as 343 Sansome Street is required by law to designate the roof garden as public space during normal business hours. If you wish to hold an event during business hours, you must first contact the building management office to obtain permission. While we can accommodate some business hours event requests, we cannot guarantee privacy, as the roof will remain open to the general public from 10am-5pm. All tenant event requests are granted on a first come first serve basis. The Roof Garden has free public Wi-Fi access. Look for it as 343 Sansome Wi-Fi. No password needed.


343 Sansome is a member of TMASF - Transportation Management Association of San Francisco.  They are a non-profit association dedicated to promoting options to driving alone through many options, local employment, trip linking, wheel based or other.  TMASF started out in 1989 as an organization dedicated to public transit options but have steadily grown over the years.

In addition to TMASF’s regular commute clinics, festivals and informational campaigns, their website www.tmasf.org  now provides up-to-the minute traffic news and environmental links, daycare solutions for every member of the family, and a comprehensive section on jobs, careers and business here in the Bay Area. TMASF has linked all these resources and expanded their services so people can improve their skills, take advantage of job opportunities and connect their trips to daycare with their commute.

Public Transportation

There are many major bus lines within several blocks of 343 Sansome Street. The nearest BART station is the Montgomery Street Station.  For more details regarding Muni or BART routes, please use the following information:

MUNI: (415) 673-6864
BART: (415) 673-6864

Notary Public

A Notary Public is available at Mechanics Bank suite 100 on the 1st floor. The hours are 9:00am – 5:00am Monday – Friday.

Phone Number: 415-249-0300

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