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343 Sansome Street

  Parking Garage

Tenant Parking Information

Convenient parking for tenants and their visitors is available in the 343 Sansome Street garage, accessible via Halleck Alley.

Operating Hours

The garage is open and staffed from 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Monday - Friday for tenant and visitor parking. Vehicles left after closing hours can only be retrieved the next business day. Security will no longer have access to left over valet vehicles. Please be mindful to always leave your car keys with attendant to move or relocate or un-block another vehicle. There is a set $30 fee for not leaving your keys with valet attendant.

Monthly parkers also have the ability to access the garage 24/7 with their garage access card.

Parking Rates

Monthly Parking

Monthly parking is offered on a general, unreserved basis for $475 per month. Rate will remain the same.

Transient (Daily) Parking (Effective January 1, 2020)

0 - 1 Hour: $3.50
1 - 4 Hours: $14.00
Over 4 Hours $35.00
Overnight $42.00


Tenants can purchase pre-paid validation stickers from Impark for their personal use or to validate parking for their guests. Validations are sold in books of 100 ($3.50) stamps for $350 or in books of 100 All Day ($35.00) stamps for $3,500. Contact Alen Arcilla at (415) 433-3430 for more information.

Please note, the schedule below indicates the number of stickers required to fully validate a parking ticket at the 343 Sansome Street Garage based on length of stay:

Length of Stay Amount Due Number of Stickers
0 - 1 Hour $3.50 1
1 - 4 Hours $14.00 4
4 - 12 Hours $35.00 11
Overnight Rate $42.00 14

*Please note, 1 Daily Maximum Sticker ($35.00) can be used instead of 11 $3.50 Stickers

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