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343 Sansome Street

  Deliveries and Moving Procedures

All deliveries are to be made via the loading dock.  The loading dock entrance is accessible from Halleck Alley.  343 Sansome Street does not have a freight elevator, so all moves and deliveries are restricted to off hours when we are able to pad one of our passenger elevators.

The CBRE Management office must be notified of all deliveries and moves at least 48-business hours in advance. Please submit a work order with the following information at least 48 business hours prior.

  1. Hours for unlimited use of the padded elevator are:

    • Weekdays – Any time after 6pm and before 7am
    • Saturday and/or Sunday – Anytime

  2. Please give five (5) business days (if possible) written notice to the Building Management Office (415) 434-0343 prior to scheduling your move or large delivery.  Use of the padded elevator is on a first-come, first-serve basis which prevents any scheduling conflicts with other tenants in the building.
  3. Include the following information in your notice to the Building Management Office:
    • Tenant name & Suite #
    • Date of move and approximate start and finish times
    • Name and telephone number of person in charge of move
    • Moving company name, contact person and telephone number
    • A Certificate of Insurance for the moving company is required

  4. The tenant and/or their moving contractor are responsible for protecting all floors, doors, frames and jambs in their path of travel.  Masonite or other hard surface moving material should be used for floor protection with carpet vacuumed after the move.

  5. Boxes and other rubbish are to be removed completely from the building by the moving contractor within the hours set forth above in item #1.

  6. Please be sure that your moving contractor adheres to the above procedures as any damage to the common areas of the building will be the responsibility of the tenant.

  7. A Certificate of Insurance must be provided by the moving contractor prior to the move. Click here for vendor insurance requirements.
    Click here for a list of movers approved to work at 343 Sansome Street.
    The preceding moving procedures have been provided with the safety and convenience of all building tenants in mind.  Please telephone the Building Management Office at (415) 434-0343 as soon as you are aware of your need for a padded elevator so that we can make your moving experience as positive and expedient as possible.
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