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343 Sansome Street

  Building Life Safety Features

Life safety systems are incorporated in the building for the protection of life and property. These include a combination standpipe-sprinkler system, a multiplexed alarm system, and back-up emergency power via a standby diesel generator. A tank holding 15,000 gallons of fire-protection water is located on lower level 2.


Only sprinkler heads, which are activated by heat, will go off and will then activate fire alarm.

The building uses a combination standpipe system feeding two main risers located in the stairwells. An electric fire pump, backed by a diesel engine-driven fire pump, supplies fire protection water to these risers. Floor loops are then connected to the risers, in a redundant fashion, with shut-off valves to feed sprinklers out on the floors.

Main shut-offs are located on Lower Level 2 on the West Side of building.


Two stairwells provide direct access to the street level from all the tenant floors. Each stairwell is pressurized and each landing sprinklered. Each vestibule leading to the stairwell is also pressurized, exhausted, and likewise is sprinklered for safe egress.  In the event of power loss to the building, exit signs and emergency lighting in stairwells is powered by emergency power.


Fire-rated doors are installed in the vestibules, stairway landings, and elevator lobbies to provide safe enclosed exit paths.

Elevator lobby doors and stairway doors are equipped with locks that release under fire alarm condition.


A-B-C type fire extinguishers are located in cabinets adjacent to both vestibule doors throughout the building and every 75 feet along path of egress.
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