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343 Sansome Street

  Emergency Floor Warden System


Ensure the evacuation / relocation is in progress.

If no other staff members are present, the floor warden’s responsibilities are:

  • Search floor and order evacuation or relocation of building.
  • Guide tenants away from elevators to stairs.
  • Ensure safety of persons in need of evacuation assistance.
  • Ensure that FSD or SFFD knows the location of individuals trapped or in refuge.
  • Evacuate or relocate to an assigned floor, once area has been cleared and safe.

Floor Warden Staff

  • Searcher:
    • Search whole floor or suite and direct all to stairway
    • Report “All Clear” to Floor Warden
    • Evacuate or Relocate
  • Elevator Monitor:
    • Station self at elevators
    • Direct all to stairways
    • Evacuate or relocate with searcher
  • Exit Monitor:
    • Station self at stair entrance
    • Maintain calm and order
    • Direct all down stairs to evacuate or relocate
    • Evacuate or relocate with Searcher
  • Aides for the physically impaired:
    • Assist person in need of evacuation assistance to:

      • Enclosed stairway
      • Area of evacuation assistance / area of refuge
      • Defend in place

  • Reports location of persons in need of evacuation assistance to:

    • Floor Warden
    • Fire Safety Director
    • Fire Department Officer (only if Floor Warden or Fire Safety Director is not available).
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