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343 Sansome Street

  Fire Alarm System

Located on the lobby level in the Fire Command Center, a Siemens MLX fire life safety system is used at 343 Sansome. All addressable devices are continuously monitored by Bay Alarm for fire indication. These devices and their locations are:

  • Smoke Detectors, located in the elevator lobbies, north and south corridors, electrical and telephone closets, mechanical rooms, air handling unit ducts, and adjacent ceiling near vestibules.
  • Manual Building Fire Alarm Station, one device is located in the Fire Command Center.
  • Sprinkler Water Flows, located on the main sprinkler risers, two per floor. The valves are protected by Tamper switches.


After any alarm initiation of these devices, the following will begin:

  • A four-zone alarm, affecting floor of incidence, floor above, and two floors below will have the following
  • The sound of the fire alarm is a loud, slow whoop. 
  • Strobe lights will flash.
  • Elevator lobby locks and their magnets are de-energized.
  • Automated announcements will play.  Security will proceed to the main fire panel to confirm announcements are playing by verifying indicator lights for appropriate floors.  If indicator lights are not on, security will make announcements.
  • Only for the incident floor: Outside air and exhaust dampers close, all air handlers and zone fans are deactivated.
  • Activate stairway pressurization fans, vestibule supply fans, and vestibule exhaust fans.
  • Deactivate toilet exhaust fans.
  • Release all door hold open magnets and stairway locks.
  • Phase 1 recall elevators to main lobby if device initiated is the smoke detector in any elevator lobby.   

Note: Activation of the main lobby smoke detector will initiate a Phase 1 alternate recall that will send all elevators to the 2nd floor.  The Garage elevator will go to LL1.

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