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Earthquake proofing:

  • Secure larger shelves or furniture to wall or floor
  • Laminate glass, which can shatter
  • Lower heavy objects or displays which could fall and injure or block exit ways
  • Keep drawers and cabinets latched
  • Secure TV’s, computers, monitors, and other expensive electronics to their bases


  • Tenants are responsible for emergency supplies in their space. The building does not provide emergency food, water, or supplies

Tenants should store:

  • Food and water for three days minimum (7-day supply is ideal)
  • First aid kit and first aid manual
  • Large and small heavy-duty plastic bags, duct tape, and scissors
  • Prescribed medications and extra eyewear
  • Heavy-duty shoes and gloves
  • Extra clothing, whistle
  • Rescue tools
  • Portable TV or radio, extra batteries
  • Flashlight, extra batteries
  • Cash (ATMs and credit cards may not work)


Individuals, Tenants, or Employees

  • Emergency phone list
  • Family: work, school, play, and daycare
  • Long distance message check-in phone number
  • Cell phone


  • Emergency back-up list of vendors (to minimize downtime)
  • Emergency phone list of employees


  • Know safe, take-cover locations


  • Duck and cover immediately under sturdy cover and hold on.
  • If there is no sturdy cover, crouch low against an interior wall, covering your head with your arms and hands.
  • Do not evacuate the building unless instructed.
  • Stay covered until the moving has stopped completely.
  • Avoid window area and items that can fall on you.


  • Be prepared for aftershocks.
  • Check immediate location (are you safe?)
  • Check for injuries of others: apply first aid as needed.
  • Extinguish any fires.  Do not light matches.  No smoking.
  • Turn off gas if you: smell gas, see a broken pipe, or are ordered to do so.
  • Turn off water or electricity if it is causing a hazard or pipe is broken.
  • Be prepared to go without emergency services and help yourself and others.
  • Listen for news or instructions over radio or television.
  • Ration food and water.
  • Use telephone only for dire emergencies
  • Check and make sure that all telephone receivers are on its phone cradle.

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