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Every tenant is required by San Francisco Municipal Code to assist in the implementation of the Building’s emergency procedures by participating in the following:

Provide written and oral instruction to all employees regarding:

  • Fire
  • Earthquake
  • Medical Emergencies
  • Bomb Threat
  • Workplace Violence
  • Help promote good fire prevention practices and correct hazardous conditions.
  • Provide personnel for the Emergency Response Team (designated using the Fire Safety Team form), that consists of:
    • Floor Wardens
    • Alternate Floor Warden
    • Stairwell Exit Monitor (2)
    • Elevator Safety Monitor
    • Search Person
    • Handicap Aid (if necessary)

This section has been designed as a guide to educate its readers on various emergencies.  It is also a guide for Emergency Response Team Members on their responsibilities in the event of an emergency.  Your Floor Warden(s) and Alternate Floor Warden(s) should be designated upon your move-in, and updated throughout your tenancy, using the Tenant Contact/Emergency Information Form. Please take the time to become thoroughly acquainted with the procedures described herein.

If you should need additional copies of this Emergency Procedures section, please contact the Building Management Office.  Also, if you would like assistance in preparing your suite for emergency situations, members of the building staff are available to join you in your training session to answer any questions or assist in your presentation.  Contact the Building Management Office for scheduling.
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